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Sky Sunlight Saxon

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Sky Sunlight Saxon transcended

on June 25, 2009


This world is a much smaller place without him


Love you 4 ever Sunlight!!





Message to fans and friends,

In the next couple months I will work on getting a couple more slideshows up.

The first one will be of Sky Sunlight’s drawings he gave me over the years and quite a few of them he gave me right before we parted when I left the Davis house where we lived next door to each other like Freida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

Many of the drawings have “no more wars” written on them. I am looking to have them up around Thanksgiving so please check back then.

 Another gift he gave me that I treasure is the lavender drum he made with his own hands (with the aid of Golden Eagle) in Mount Shasta. He carved “Yahowha” on it but when they put the skin on it was so close to the rim that the skin covered it up. I keep it next to my bedside to set whatever book I am reading on and as a nightly reminder of Sky.

I also have personal photos I will be happy to share via slideshow hopefully around Christmas. Do not ask me for any because I am forewarning everyone that I will not send out ANY of my personal photos. Why?  He left too many vultures flying around.






Ethereal Message to Sky Sunlight:


I gained some insight while reading parts of John Dewey’s Experience and Nature.

“The career and destiny of a living being are bound up by interchanges with its environment” I am sorry dear Sunlight that there were those in your environment who continue to burrow your good name. I find it despicable that people actually beg for money and seek to profit from your name. Why don’t they just GET A JOB!?!?! I knew you well enough to know you would not have wanted it this way. Everything you told me is very clear now. You really deserved so much better. But as you would simply state “KARMA”.

Further Dewey said “Experience denotes the planted fields, the sowed seeds, the reaped harvests” this is what made me think of you. I thank you for the seeds you implanted in me while experiencing the magic of you. You are still with me this day as I find myself analytically looking at a word like you taught me to seek out the most positive word. I now use what you taught me to make my students’ “experience” a more positive environment. There is still not a day that passes that I do not think of you. And I wanted to thank you so much for this gift you left me beloved. I love you.








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I was blessed to be with Sky Sunlight his last day at Lanikai in 1998 when we went to retrieve the music and art for the God and Hair set. We went to Lanikai on 3 different days during the trip but the last day is when Sunlight asked someone to take this pic of us, our hair was still wet from swimming. That day we stayed there into the evening.


Sunlight was the first person to ever take me to Lanikai in 1982 in his VW bug. Being back there with him 16 years later was very special. I am sharing this picture so everyone can remember him in his body at Lanikai.