The Seeds Lyrics


Pushin Too Hard  - The Seeds

Can’t Seem to Make You Mine - The Seeds

Try to Understand  - The Seeds

Nobody Spoil My Fun  - The Seeds

Fallen In Love - The Seeds

You Can’t Be Trusted  - The Seeds

It’s a Hard Life  - The Seeds

Mr. Farmer - Web of Sound

A Faded Picture - Web of Sound

Up In Her Room -  Web of Sound

Where is the Entrance Way to Play - Future

Travel With Your Mind  - Future

Painted Doll - Future

Out Of The Question - Future

March of the Flower Children -  Future

Flower Lady and Her Assistant -  Future

Fallen -  Future

Six Dreams -  Future

Now a Man -  Future

Two fingers Pointing at You -  Future

A Thousand Shadows -  Future

Pretty Girl — A Spoonful of Seedy Blues

Gypsy Plays his Drums - Raw and Alive

Satisfy You - Raw and Alive

Night Time Girl - Raw and Alive

No Escape   -Raw and Alive

Wind Blows your Hair - Evil Hoodoo



 “Seeds grow into flowers.


 Flowers grow into children.


 Children grow into big people


 who love the world.”


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